So, what to expect when expecting? You just found out you’re pregnant with, perhaps, your first child. Well, don’t worry, we’re here to tell you how to prepare the best welcome for your little one to the world. Follow these things to do during an early stage of pregnancy for the best preparation.

Check Carefully if you are Pregnant or Not

Unfortunately, sometimes pregnancy tests can be inaccurate. Pregnancy test can show accurate result in first week after you have period. However, you should check it again after two weeks after ovulation for more certainty. After one or two weeks, check it again, if those results are still the same then you can celebrate.

Consume More Vitamins

Your body will be going through some changes over the months ahead, therefore, more vitamins and nutrition are needed for your body and your baby. It will also create the best environment for the development of your baby. Those vitamins and nutrition can be found in fruits, healthy foods and green vegetables. Folic acid can also be found in those healthy foods, it can help your baby grow up healthy.

Purchase Health Insurance for Pregnancy Stage

Do detailed research to find out the prenatal care, delivery costs and fees to take care of your newborn in your area. Have a plan to save money and tell your husband or your friends to help out where they can.

Schedule for a Prenatal Appointment

Healthcare providers will not see you until 8 weeks after getting pregnant. Therefore, you need to get everything ready for the important moments.

Mark the first day of the latest period you had. Your provider will use that to determine your due date and start making a questionnaire. And remember to tell your provider if you have any chronic conditions or genetics problems in your family.

Research for What Medications to Avoid for Pregnancy Stage

Many pills or drugs on the marketing are not safe during pregnancy. Therefore, you must always do research, read instructions carefully and ask the specialist for the accurate information. Absorb nutrition, vitamins and herbs for the best health status you can possibly get.

Avoid Working too Hard

Let others take care of you! Don’t overexert yourself, it can be tough to let other people help out but it’s important. Take the back seat, enjoy the ride! Even chores around your house should be avoided.
Especially if it involves using pesticides or strong chemicals. You should ask your doctor for more details of what you should avoid in this sensitive period.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods

For a healthy baby can be born, doctors recommend mothers to limit the amount of junk foods they consume; avoid foods that contain bacteria, parasites or insect eggs. You can eat well done cooked food, and you are not recommended to eat undercooked food, unpasteurized cheeses fish and everything else that are raw; fish with high mercury should be avoided too.

Here is a list of foods, which is possibility harmful for you and your child: deli-style salads, hot dogs, luncheon meats, smoked meats, casseroles, curries, lasagna and raw meat; dairy products include milk, dairy‐based desserts and custard; live seafood; fruits are cut but not consumed for a long time; under cooked rice and pasta; foods contain eggs, beans, nuts or lots of protein. You should also be careful when eating outside, there are many restaurants, which serve stale foods or foods have been cook too many times.

Sea animals can produce many types of toxins in their body. Therefore, please be careful when eating them. Buying seafood from a reputable retailer is recommended.

Form a Healthy Lifestyle

First, go to bed early around 10 PM, it will take a couple of weeks to form a biological clock to your bedtime. Try to get enough sleep time, the minimum amount should be 8 hours.

Second, have a daily routine exercise. The activities can be walking, doing squad and yoga, jogging, swimming; elliptical and stair climber stair climbers, dancing and aerobic, indoor cycling, kickboxing, and hiking. Additionally, you can still go to the gym and do light workouts, such as light weight lifting (you can ask your partner for help), Pilate workout focuses on your core and lengthening your muscles with small impact. Also, remember to warm up and prepare carefully before start any workout.

Prepare to Announce your Pregnancy for your Loved One and Friends

Many women will tell their friends and their lover immediately; the others will announce on the second trimester after pregnancy, the fetus is well established at this point and has low risk of miscarriage.

You must pay attention if you have morning sickness casually or any pregnancy complications. If you have any of those symptoms, you must tell your husband, your supervisor or your friends right away before something bad happened.

Be Socialize – Join Young Mom Clubs or Birth Clubs

Work together with other moms, who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you are. Find out creative ways to handle those problems you have been through. You can find great understanding to your situations in those communities. Here are some clubs you can attend.

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