Children are great, we love them, we feed them, and we dress them. But, children, especially babies, and toddlers make big messes all the time. If they spill some juice on the floor, it is not a big deal, clean it up and done. However, when they spill juice on the floor and on themselves, all hell breaks loose. Parents need to have at hand a few items of clothing for when their toddlers are eating, painting, or playing outdoors. Luckily, there are plenty of options for rugged outdoor clothing for toddler girls and boys. Here are a few tips on what you can use to keep your active little one clean and safe.

Use old Clothing

Everyone has that one shirt or dress that just sits at the back of your closet to never see the day of light. Well, it’s time to dust it off, and put it to good use. Take whatever old clothes you have and use them as your new rugged clothing for your toddlers. If the item is too long, you can cut it. It doesn’t need to look good, just keep them clean.

Stain Baby Clothing

It is very common that your toddler has a few stain items, they spill things all the time, after all. These items are also perfect to use as coverall clothing for your toddler to play without getting dirty.

Clothing for Toddlers

Waterproof full-body Bibs

There are some interesting models in the market of full-body bibs. They look more like a long shirt. There are different iterations of the item. The ones used for mealtime, usually have a bottom that attaches to the high-chair. The other kind is mostly used for outdoor or artsy activities and covers the whole body of your toddler.

You can find a wide range of rugged outdoor clothing for your toddlers in cute floral prints and soft pastel colors at Also, you can shop for some full-body protecting suits with dinosaurs, trucks, and other cool patterns.

Clothing for Toddlers

Outdoor Gear

If you have an active family, and trekking or hiking are a regular part of your lifestyle you will need very particular clothing for toddlers. When hiking, old clothes are not gonna cut it. It is better to invest in strong high-quality waterproof clothing. Especially clothing with thermal quality, that way you know your child is truly protected from the elements. You are going to want to get them some rain boots, that way their baby feet stay dry throughout the whole excursion.

The Bottom Line

Keeping that toddler girl or boy clean may seem like an impossible task. But, if you follow some of our tips, you will be pleasantly surprised about how easy they stay impeccably tidy. Your old clothes get a new use, and you get a break from all the laundry and cleaning. 

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