Miku is capable of many interesting things. Miku is a baby monitor that makes a splash at CES 2019, by winning the baby sleep category, and the Baby Tech Audience Favorite award. So what makes this baby monitor so special? It’s a baby monitor that can track breathing, sleep pattern and nursery conditions. There are similar models out there, but Miku takes a slightly different approach. Miku’s cost is $329 which is not that affordable. And in this review, you will find everything you need to know about the  Miku Smart Baby Monitor.

Miku Camera

On the surface, it seems like Miku takes on key features of other top baby monitors and brings it all into one place. it has a 720p camera at 30 FPS for video resolution and picture quality. It’s not very outstanding, but the quality is acceptable for both day and night time monitoring. Just like other products in 2019, there is no pan, tilt, and zoom. Note that this is locked on to a bird’s-eye view of the crib, and it can either be mounted with a wall mount or using the stand.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor App & New Breathing Tracking Technology

It has temperature and humidity tracking as well as sound and motion detection. The latency is better than other cameras such as Nanit and Cocoon, for example. Moreover, it has a couple of onboard speakers, which is pretty good when you play sounds from their library of lullabies and white noise. You can also do two-way talk, and you can keep it in the background. So whether you browse the web or your phone is asleep, you can always have ears on the baby.

Miku camera does not just analyze image pixels to track baby breathing. Miku can build a real-time breathing wave-form to track their breathing. Even when your baby is under a blanket, Miku can still track breathing with ease.   

Powerful Specs & Crypto Chip

Moreover, Miku has good specs with more processing power than most monitors in the market. That’s very important in reducing latency and truly alert you in real-time. Moreover, it also has a Crypto Chip to keep all the Miku’s data secure. In the analytic tab, you can scroll through and see the history to get all the analytics at no additional cost.

Data Analysis & other Downside

Miku does a good job to create many detailed analyses. However, you will feel a little overwhelming when looking at all of that data. In fact, it might be even useless for many parents. Moreover, it only has a 15-second-timer for communication, to exceed that time you will have to reconnect again. That’s a big minus, we hope the developer can fix this problem in later versions. Miku is a higher price range than most other monitors, but when considering the technology it offers, the price seems more reasonable.

The Verdict

We think overall, you get what you pay for. It may be slightly above what you were planning to pay but it has a bunch of benefits that make it worth it. The app gives you peace of mind even when you’re not at home with your baby including being able to check your baby’s breathing. However, some of the features are a bit overwhelming and may seem unnecessary. But, in general, we would recommend this product.

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