We all think about homeschooling. Whether it’s the right choice or the wrong choice. Can we do it? Will we mess up our children for trying, our friends tried and their kids seem just fine.

Well, as both a parent and seasoned teacher I can tell you right now, you’ve already been doing it. Every sport you’ve played has been teaching them gross motor skills, every game has been critical thinking. Even every time you’ve asked your child a question, it has developed their minds to think on their own and seek answers to problems. The big difference is to now set easy goals and watch your child grow beyond them, which they always will.

Strong Child-Parent relationship

Obviously by spending time with your children, giving them attention and teaching them about the world, builds a strong long lasting relationship. As you create new lessons and activities your child may even come up and ask, “Mommy do we study today?” Or “Daddy, what will our lesson be about today?” As you go from home to the world and back again you’ll be able to call back to the lessons you’ve learned and how they relate.

The Child’s Own Pace, is Faster Than a Forced Group

An Ok teacher favors their best student. A good teacher works with their weakest student and ensures the class rises together. An amazing teacher develops multiple tiered programs to ensure each student is challenged according to their need.
As a homeschooled student your child will receive all three. They may take an afternoon of math and accelerate themselves by weeks of what a school curriculum could do. If they aren’t focusing on their reading then some relaxing parent-child time full of support may be just what they need. This leads us onto the third point.

Teachers Learn Most From Their Students

While teaching your child you’ll learn many things about them. But you’ll also get a chance to learn about their topics as well. It can also give you the chance to perfect subjects you may have disliked when you were at school. By coming up with interesting topics and materials for your child you may find yourself just as excited as they are when it comes to the next lesson.

Homeschooling helps with your child’s reactions to difficult situations. 

While I would never advise someone to use homeschooling to shelter their child. What it can do is give the parent the opportunity to be beside their child in a show of support and guidance when things don’t go their way. If a topic is frustrating you can show them how you handle it. Or if someone is mean to them or takes advantage, you can teach them to say, “Stop, I don’t like it.” Modern schools opt for things to just go smoothly rather than the personal growth and development of each individual child.

No more overcrowding. 

Well, unless you have 10-30 of your own children. It has been proven many times that children learn better in smaller groups. They get more attention from the teacher and they can focus better because there are less distractions. Kids in smaller groups are also easier to manage which means less stress for a person teaching them be it a tutor or a parent.

Get better than private school for less than the cost. 

Homeschooling doesn’t always need to be parents teaching the children. You can include “Guest Star” Family members for certain topics and if there is something that you’re not 100% comfortable teaching you can always hire tutors and guides for a fraction of a private school’s tuition. Online tutoring websites are exploding such as italki.com, a website dedicated to connect language teachers with potential learners, and if you ask local teachers in your area many will bound at the opportunity to do some tutoring work.

Many homeschooling parents also befriend other homeschooling parents. This way they can all divide subjects among themselves and focus on teaching the subject that they are most comfortable with while handing their weaker subjects to the mom and dads who know more about the matter.

Outdoor lessons

Homeschooling your children also means that it is possible to have their lessons anywhere they want. it is not a secret that children learn by experiencing things so taking them to playgrounds, forests, meadows, museums, cafes, basically wherever you want will be more interesting to them then sitting in the same looking classroom for an extended period of time. it will trigger their imagination and creativity.


It is impossible for us adults to be focused 8 hours straight, and it is unthinkable to expect the same from children. Most of us have those hours of the day when concentration just doesn’t come easy and our mini-mes have it even worse. By teaching your kids at home you give them the option to choose when and how long do they want to study. This allows you to use the most productive hours of your kids day when their brains are the most absorbent.

Homeschooling is definitely not for everybody. And as with every kind of education, it is not always smooth sailing. But just from the points listed above it has great benefits for your children and their development. It also helps you bond and create stronger relationships with your little ones. It allows you to take control over the educational process of the most important people in your life. Homeschooling lets your children develop and grow in a secure, diverse and creative environment. It’s also a lot of fun for your children as well as you.

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